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KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2019 ~ re(live)

Common part

Light sticks are remotely controlled by the staff. When we turned them on, they are not lighting up until the show starts. The staff changes the color to fit each song, they can turn red, blue, pink, white, etc.

This time, there is no “towel song”, so the towels were not used during the live.
We didn’t get any fake money or streamers.

The MC part was during the encore only, and was quite short.

Each show lasts for 2 hours.

The first and second parts are the same as the original Black Cherry concert.
At the beginning, in the introduction movie, we see her lying down, asleep, like in the original show. Then there are flashes of the original intro movie scenes with the witch. Then she is talking, like in the original BC, she just changed the part of “Black Cherry Tour 2007, special final” to “Black cherry relive tour 2019”. Next the screen is moving up, revealing the water tank, and she appears inside, just like the original concert.

First few songs are exactly like BC 2007, with the pirates fight for Get up & move!!, cocktails making for Cherry Girl and the ballad section.

The lucky girl song is designed very similarly, but instead of one lucky fan there are 2 (with the golden key and the lucky key lottery).

She also performs Break it down in a similar way, with the dance section with pink background at the end.

Dancers then come on stage to perform in front of the screen with projection mapping, until the next section, which is cute songs and ballads. There is no big difference with the original performances. During Milk Tea she is on a platform that goes up to the 3rd floor level.

Then 3rd part is the new part.
First we saw the MV for the new song (TBC), with Kumi dressed in the old and new outfit from Black Cherry tour (same as the visuals for the tour), and there are also scenes with her in a box, dressed with what looks like the dress from Dance in the rain live (Walk of my life Live Tour). At the end of the MV she is completely naked, looking at us from the side!

Then dancers appear among the audience with light sticks, the music of the new song “Get Naked” starts, and they walk to the stage. The stage is very dark, the lights are turned off to put an emphasis on the light sticks. We can see some parts of the MV on the screen, which is mostly her dancing with a long light stick, dressed in a beige crop top and high waist skirt. On stage, she is dressed in black, with black thigh-high boots, and an oversized yellow jacket
Then she performs a bunch of her new songs, and again changes her outfit (crop top with leggings and a wide trousers with holes on top).

K is a nice uptempo, with visuals of candies and balls. She’s dancing and bouncing on a ball. "K" name is for "OK".
She performs a mix of Livin la vida loca and GOLDFINGER.

OMG is an electro type of song. She does some acrobatics in the air with a girl dancer.
The encore starts with Put your hands up where Kloop appears on the screen to teach everyone the dance, and they choose one person from the audience to dance along (they film them and show them on the screen). Then there’s a short MC during which she reads and answers one question from a playroom member.
Finally the last song, either walk or Walk of my life.

Made by Sophie