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Release Day : 2024.04.17

Resume : It has been decided to release the 19th full-length album "UNICORN", which is the first in about two years since the album "heart" released in 2022! ! Original songs such as "Silence", which was the theme song for the movie "Gold Boy", which will be released on Friday, March 8th, as well as "Let's fight for love!", "Vroom", etc. released last year. In addition, it includes a variety of songs such as cover songs of artists who have been influenced by him and a solo version of Kamen Rider Geetz's theme song "Trust・Last". Also included are music videos for ``Silence,'' ``Vroom,'' and ``Somewhere in a Distant City...''. Additionally, the mu-mo shop and FC limited edition deluxe edition comes with a making-of video and a photo booklet.