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Release Day : 2022.03.02

Resume : Kumi Koda's first 2022 original album has been released! !! In addition to the 5 limited-edition singles that have been released continuously since the summer of 2021, new songs will be recorded. In the video, a lot of music videos with a lot of variations including album lead songs are recorded, and in addition, The fan club / mu-mo shop limited edition includes live footage of : ◆日清ラ王Presents KODA KUMI SPECIAL ONLINE LIVE 2021 ◆KODA KUMI 20TH→21ST ANNIVERSARY EVENT@Zepp Tokyo ◆KODA KUMI 20TH→21ST ANNIVERSARY EVENT@Toyosu PIT This 12-song album contains five songs including "We'll Be OK," "4 More," and "100のコドク達へ," which had been released consecutively for distribution since 2021. The album also includes "Sure shot," a fight song that inspires courage to take the first step, "アネモネ," a medium song about a swaying love for a loved one, and "GOOD TIME feat.AI," a song with AI, who has been a close friend since her debut as an artist of the same age and has now collaborated with her for the first time, and "Outta my control feat. φZI", a collaboration with Taiwanese artist φZI, who is talked about for his overwhelming rap performance.